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Benefits of Compaction

Discourages Scavengers
Saves Labor
Reduces Collection Costs
Reduces Insect/Rodent Problems
Prevents Windblown Trash
Reduces Fire Hazard
Controls Odor
Saves Inside Storage Space and Outside Parking Spaces
Extends Pavement Life
Reduce Pilferage
Prevents Unauthorized Access to Your Trash
Prevents Unauthorized Disposal
Fewer Trips... make more use of roll-off truck by acquiring more accounts
Fewer Cleanup Problems... when trash is sealed in a container, there are fewer complaints of messy bin areas
Reduced Bin Damage/Fires... sealed containers reduce vandalism opportunities
Account Retention... compactor customers are usually long term customers. Also, if you don’t offer the compactor solution, someone else will!
Liquid Retention... self-contained compactors retain liquids better than any bin, thus eliminating mess associated with liquid refuse.